Property Tax Liens In Wyoming

Property Tax Liens In Wyoming

The State of Wyoming is a lien state. The interest earned on liens is 15% per annum plus a penalty of 3% of the lien amount. The redemption period is 4 years. The lien expires 6 years from the date of issue.

You are issued a  “Certificate of Purchase” on the day of the tax sale.  The county maintains custody of this “Certificate of Purchase” and as redemptions occur the County will send payment directly to you.

After you acquire a “Certificate of Purchase” you have the option to keep that certificate in force from year to year by paying the subsequent property taxes after the delinquent date.

If you choose NOT to pay the subsequent taxes, the property will once again be advertised and resold at the next tax sale.

The property owner has four years from the date of the original sale to redeem his property.Wyoming Property Taxes

To redeem, the property owner must pay the Certificate of Purchase amount. In addition, he must pay a 3% penalty amount on this Certificate amount. Also he has to pay interest on the Certificate amount at 15% per year.

The redemption period is four years in Wyoming.

Should the redemption process expire you may then begin a process to obtain a deed to the property.

The County Treasurer can not issue a tax deed if six years have lapsed since the original tax sale.

Payment must be made the day of the sale in cash or certified funds.

In some counties personal checks and certain credit cards will also be accepted as payment.

There are 23 counties in Wyoming and the County Treasurer is responsible for conducting the tax sales. Some of the more populated Wyoming counties have detailed tax sale information online.

Property Tax Liens In Wyoming are fairly competitive because of the high rate of interest. Unsold Certificate of Purchases are retained by the County Treasurers in Wyoming. Therefore, there may be an opportunity for over the counter sales.