Property Tax Liens In Wisconsin

Property Tax Liens In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a tax deed state.

To collect delinquent tax proceeds, the counties in the State of Wisconsin foreclose on the properties where the tax has not been paid.

Wisconsin State Law provides for the transferring title to land when taxes are delinquent. The delinquency must be more than one year in Milwaukee County and Milwaukee City (in other Wisconsin Counties it is 2 years). Milwaukee County has chosen to use the “in rem” foreclosure process.

Milwaukee County does not sell foreclosed properties for back taxes. All foreclosed property is sold for fair market value, the way any other piece of property is sold.

This “fair market value” doesn’t provide the investor the biggest bang for their buck as other states do.

You probably will not find Wisconsin a great place for tax lien investing. It’s just not a great deal for the tax deed investor.

Also the purchaser is responsible for any additional fees such as permits, soil testing and title search fees.

Wisconsin Property TaxesIf you are still interested in buying tax foreclosed properties in Wisconsin, you may be able to find a list of county-owned properties for sale on the county treasurer’s website. Assessment data and property maps are also available online.

It’s possible I suppose you may find bargains since market value may at times be subjective. In addition, I wouldn’t think there would be a lot of competition in Wisconsin for these delinquent properties.

Some of the larger counties in Wisconsin do however post their sales online and have detailed information.

You may also want to educate yourself about the procedures for the sale of properties subject to delinquent “City” taxes. These would be in addition to the “County” tax sales statewide.

Milwaukee is the only first class city in the State of Wisconsin. They have their own procedures for the collection of delinquent city property taxes.