Property Tax Liens In South Dakota

Property Tax Liens In South Dakota

Property Tax Liens In South Dakota. South Dakota is a tax lien state. The county treasurer is required by law to conduct a tax certificate sale the third Monday in December each year.

A tax certificate will be issued and sold on any property having delinquent taxes. for a period of three years.

During this three year period the County holds the tax lien.

After the tax sale, you have a three to six year window to request the issuance of a tax deed. This window is a four to six year period on property not located in a municipality.

The interest rate is 12% per annum with a 3-year redemption period. Premium is bid.

After the 3-year redemption period, legal notification must be given and an affidavit filed with the county in order to receive a deed.

Most of the counties in South Dakota have small populations compared to counties of other states.

Although most South Dakota counties do not have tax sale information online, you will be able to search tax records and find contact information.

Click on the link to South Dakota and then the county and look for a property search link to search assessment data. For tax sale data, look for a link to the county treasurer