Property Tax Liens In South Carolina

Property Tax Liens In South Carolina

Property Tax Liens In South Carolina. South Carolina sells redeemable deeds.

Tax sales are the responsibility of the county treasurer or the delinquent tax department. Bidding starts at the combined amount of delinquent and current taxes due and is bid in $25.00 increments.

Property Tax Liens In South CarolinaPayment in cash or certified funds must be made by 5:00 P.M. on the day of the sale. If the bidder fails to remit payment within the time allowed, a fine of up to $300 per bid may be charged.

If a property is included in the sale because of an error, the sale will be nullified. Thus, the full bid amount with no interest will be returned to the successful bidder. The owner has one year to redeem the property. He or she may do so by paying the bid amount plus 3% per quarter of a year up to 12% interest for a full year.

Any premium that was bid is returned with interest if the property is redeemed. If the property is not redeemed, the previous owner may request the premium from the county.

The deed is issued after the 1-year redemption period. This may take some months longer than that. It depends on how busy the department handling the tax sale is. Sales are held in the fall.

Most South Carolina counties have property assessment data online. Some counties have tax sale lists online as well. Tax sales are referred to as “forfeited land commission sales.” S