Property Tax Liens In Rhode Island

Property Tax Liens In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a lien state.

The state of Rhode Island has 39 municipalities divided among 5 counties.

Although there are counties in Rhode Island, there is no county government. All local government 57 is on the municipal level.

The municipal treasurer, tax collector, or finance director, depending on the municipality, handles tax sales.

The bidding starts at 100% ownership or interest in the property and is bid down to 10% in 10% increments; then it is bid down by 1% increments to 1%. The lowest bid accepted is 1%.

No tax lien certificate is issued to the purchaser of the tax lien; instead a tax collector’s deed is filed by the tax collector, or treasurer, transferring the lien from the municipality to the purchaser.

After the tax sale, the municipal tax lien is transferred to the bidder willing to accept the lowest percent ownership of the property.

This is not the same thing as a deed to the property, which is not issued unless the lien is not redeemed.

The redemption period is 1 year. In order to redeem the lien the property owner must pay the lien amount plus 10% interest on the lien amount. If the lien is redeemed after 6 months another 1% interest is added per month.

Limited information is available online for Rhode Island municipalities. Although tax assessment data can readily be found online, tax sale information cannot. To get contact information and assessment data click on Rhode Island for a list of all the municipalities.

Call the town or city hall to find out who is in charge of collecting taxes. To get tax assessment data look for a link to municipal government offices and then look for a link to the tax assessor.