Property Tax Liens In Oklahoma

Property Tax Liens In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is currently a deed state.

The county puts a lien on the property. Resale statutes govern properties that remain delinquent and unpaid for three (3) years or more.

The resale auction is held annually on the second Monday of June. The resale is actually a tax deed sale. The deed to the property is sold to the highest bidder. The minimum bid starts at 2/3 of the assessed value of the property or the amount due plus taxes and penalties, whichever is less.

Property Tax Liens In OklahomaOklahoma County, the largest county in Oklahoma, has detailed tax sale information on its website as well as the ability to look up property assessments online.

Detailed instructions for bidding are found on the Oklahoma County treasurer’s website.

Tulsa County also has extensive information about tax sales. Including all the information that you need to register, do your due diligence, and bid at the tax sale, on their website at

Although Canadian County still has tax lien sale information on the county treasurer’s website, the information is old (from 2005) as is probably no longer valid in light of the new 2008 law.

The treasurer also has resale instructions on his web site at sale Instructions&cnty=Canadian&addPageId=250, but does not publish a list of tax sale properties online. It seems that the web page is not updated very often.