Property Tax Liens In Nevada

Property Tax Liens In Nevada

Nevada is a tax deed state.

Properties with 3 years of delinquent taxes are deeded to the county treasurer as trustee for the state and county.

The property is then subject to be auctioned for non-payment of taxes.

Bidding starts at the amount owed the county (delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and cost of the sale). This amount can be quite high compared to tax sales in other states, since there are 3 years of delinquent taxes, penalties and interest.

Other liens, such as mortgages, are wiped out at the tax sale. Other municipal or county liens, like special assessments, will have to be paid.

Federal liens will also remain on the property. Only registered bidders are allowed to bid; in some counties, where space is limited, no one else is allowed at the sale.

Some counties may require a large refundable deposit for participation in the sale. Parcels are awarded to the highest bidder.

An absolute deed is recorded by the treasurer’s office within 30 days of the auction date.

Though there is no redemption period, the previous owner has 2 years to protest the sale.

During this period you cannot receive clear title to the property. Tax sale information is available online for some Nevada counties, but you may have to visit the county assessor’s office to look up assessment information for the tax sale properties.