Property Tax Liens In Nebraska

Property Tax Liens In Nebraska

Nebraska is a lien state.

The interest rate is 14% per annum and the redemption period is 3 years. Nebraska uses the “bid down the percent ownership” method of bidding.

Since this system does not work very well and is not popular with bidders or counties, most counties use a “round robin” selection system of awarding bids.

The following information is from the Douglas County Treasurer’s website: “Investors agree to buy the liens for the delinquent tax amount including interest and advertising fees.

Each lien is offered to each participant, one by one.

Property Tax Liens In Nebraskaf a participant decides to purchase a lien on a property, the following lien is offered to the next investor in line.

If an investor passes up a lien, they forfeit that bid. The lien is offered to the next investor in line.

Once the 3-year redemption period has passed you must begin foreclosure proceedings within 6 months. Failure to start foreclosure within 3 years and 6 months will result in cancellation of the sale.

Tax sale information along with detailed tax sale lists and assessment data can be found online for some Nebraska counties