Property Tax Liens In Montana

Property Tax Liens In Montana

In Montana they sell both tax liens and tax deeds.

Tax liens are available by assignment on a “first come first serve” basis. The county treasurer is usually the collector of taxes and is responsible for conducting tax sales.

A “tax sale certificate” is issued to the purchaser. The interest rate on tax liens is 10% per annum and there is also a 2 % penalty. The redemption period is 3 years.

The following information is from the Gallatin County Treasurer: “Gallatin County will assign their lien interest in any property to a third party, for the amount of the delinquent taxes, plus a $40 fee, and then it becomes the responsibility of the assignee to complete the process for tax deed, IF the lien is not redeemed.

Purchasing an assignment is not a bidding process. It is a first come basis. There is a requirement of the Assignee of ‘Notification of Pending Assignment’ to the owners of the property, by certified mail, MCA 15-17-323(5), before an assignment can be issued.”

It is difficult to find any tax sale information online for counties in Montana.

You can, however, find contact information for the treasurer/tax collector and look up tax assessment data online. You can get tax sale lists and links to county web sites at www.TaxSaleResources.