Property Tax Liens In Mississippi

Property Tax Liens In Mississippi

Property Tax Liens In Mississippi. Mississippi is a pure tax lien state.

The interest rate is 1½% per month (18% per year) and the redemption period is 2 years.

Tax lien sales are referred to as “land sales” and are the responsibility of the county tax collector.

Only a couple of the larger counties have tax sale information online, but you will be able to find the contact information you need from the county websites.

Many of the Mississippi counties also have tax assessment data online. The following information can be found on the tax collector’s website for De Soto County and similar information is also posted on the Jackson County Tax Collector’s website: “It is recommended that you sign up the day prior to the sale or the morning of the sale.

Property Tax Liens In MississippiYou will receive a ticket, which you will need to bid. There is no fee. However, you must provide a Social Security Number or Tax ID Number and a photo ID.

You or a representative must be present at the sale. There is no over-the-counter, phone or fax purchasing.” Only cash, check, money order and cashier’s check are accepted as payment.

Any unsold liens are turned over to the state. Typically only 1-2% of the properties are turned over to the state each year.

If the lien is not redeemed within the 2-year redemption period you will be notified that the owner has not paid and the property is being forfeited.

You will have a specific time to respond and to acquire the tax deed or clerks conveyance. In order to do this you will need to pay certified mailing fees for the notifications, a recording fee and title fee.

You will also need to attend a confirmation hearing in the chancery court.