Property Tax Liens In Louisiana

Property Tax Liens In Louisiana

Property Tax Liens In Louisiana are true liens. You are issued a “tax sale deed” but it operates as a lien.

Louisiana is a tax lien state. The “tax sale deed” that is issued to a successful bidder at the tax title sale, is not a deed to the property but a lien. Counties are known as “parishes” in Louisiana.

Tax collection and tax sales are the responsibility of the property tax division of the sheriff’s office in each parish.

Prospective bidders must register with the sheriff’s office before the start of the tax sale.

The properties are offered at the amount of taxes, liens, and costs associated with the property. Louisiana law requires a “bid down” process.
Bidding is opened at 100% of the property value.
If more than one person is interested, the next bidder who offers a LESSER amount. Bidding may continue down to 1% which is the lowest acceptable bid.
You are purchasing a lien on the property. You will receive a tax sale certificate showing you paid for the lien. It does not convey title.
If the lien has not been redeemed within three years, you may begin the process to obtain a “tax deed”. If it has been redeemed by the property owner you will receive a 5% penalty. In addition, you will receive 1% per month until redeemed.
ALL redemptions are handled by the Sheriff’s office.
YOU are responsible for all future taxes during the redemption period. Failure to pay the post tax sale taxes may result in the property simply being resold at a future tax sale.

The Buyer that gets the bid will cover the taxes, interest and costs that are due.

The buyer must pay by cash or check when the tax sale is completed. Within a few working days, a tax sale deed is prepared and filed with the Clerk of Court and a copy is mailed to the buyer.”

Any unsold property will revert to the parish.

Many of the 64 Louisiana parishes conduct their tax sales online.