Property Tax Liens In Idaho

Property Tax Liens In Idaho

Property Tax Liens In Idaho technically do not exist.  Once property taxes become three years delinquent each of the 44 counties in Idaho can claim the property.

The county takes title to the property through a “tax deed” process. And the individual county will be the owner of the property for a period of 14 months or so. At this time the county will offer the property for sale to the highest bidder.

While some of the larger counties conduct these sales online most are at public auction. The larger counties use to conduct their sales on the internet.

You or your representative has to be present at the auction and in certain counties a deposit is required prior to bidding. You are also expected to make full paying with cash or certified funds on the same day as the public auction.

Minimum bids are established based upon the amount due the county in addition to the current market value of the property.

Thus making it fairly difficult to find a true bargain unless the assessment should be low.

You will be issued a “quit claim” deed.

Once you are issued this deed the original property owner has a one year period of redemption.