Property Tax Liens In Hawaii

Property Tax Liens In Hawaii

Property Tax Liens In Hawaii are redeemable “tax deeds”.

They have four counties; Hawai’i, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui. These counties┬áconduct their tax sales by public auction with no registration required. You do have to be in attendance at the sale, however you may send a representative.

They do expect payment immediately after the sale.

Upon a successful bid the county will record a “tax deed” in your name. A recorded copy of that deed will be mailed to you. This “tax deed” is similar to a “quit claim” deed. The county is passing you title “as is”.

Property owners have three years to pay their delinquent property taxes in Hawaii. Once this three year period has passed, the property may be sold by way of foreclosure.

The property owner has a one year period of redemption in Hawaii. If the tax lien is paid during this time period you are entitled to 1% per month.

Be aware that Hawaii is a state where the property owner will contact YOU. Therefore it’s up to you and not the county to be responsible for collection and releasing any lien.

All four Hawaiian counties have tax assessment data online and some of them have tax sale information available online. However, actual property tax sale lists is scant. Therefore, you’ll need to contact each county directly for detailed information. All of them will mail you a list of properties coming up for sale if you will provide with a self addressed stamped envelope.

Also make a note that the City of Honolulu also sells delinquent property tax deeds.