Beware of Property Tax Lien Experts On The Internet

April 8, 2017

Beware of Property Tax Lien Experts On The Internet

I am bombarded daily with property lien experts on the internet trying to sell me their information. Whether it be a book, a class or their latest video they all have something to sell. Take it all with a grain of salt. Most of it is decent information. Some of it is just plain wrong and incorrect. Beware of the property tax lien on the internet.

There is a guy on Amazon who will sell you a property tax lien book concerning your state.

It’s a steal at $9.95. And he actually has a book about tax liens in your state because he simply put together one book and added 50 separate covers to it. It happens. Actually itĀ happens a LOT!

This information was quickly “scraped” from various websites and thrown together in a few page with huge font. Then he created 50 different covers where it’s only text and he simply changed the name of the state. It’s probably not gonna be your “Property Tax Lien Investing Bible”. I suspect he has thousand if not tens of thousands of various books on a multitude of subjects for sale.

Just beware of what you read. Beware of what everyone tells you. Beware of what I tell you.

And here is why.

I have decades of experience as an administrator on the government side of property tax. I also have decades of experience as a property tax lien investor. BUT, we are dealing with not only fifty states but over three thousand counties. It is impossible for me, or anyone else, to be an expert everywhere.

Even if there was an expert, the laws change. And sometimes they change fast and then change again.

Bottom line is, YOU have to educate yourself. Preferably in your home state first. Get some experience in your home county. Purchase some liens. BUT, even then you are going to have to stay current on the laws in your state. They change. And sometimes a small tweak in the law can drastically affect your returns when investing in property tax liens.

I can provide you the benefit of my education and experience but you are going to know way more than I do about your home county after your first full investment cycle.

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