About Us

We are unique in offering advice concerning property tax liens.

You’ll find searching the internet that many persons offering advice on the subject have never invested in property tax liens. We have.

Combined we have invested in literally thousands of delinquent property tax liens. And made money doing it.

In addition, we have over twenty years of combined experience working the “other side”. With decades of experience working in local tax assessment offices we can offer a valuable and different perspective into property tax lien investing.

Inside these pages we attempt to provide exactly what you need to understand when beginning the property tax lien investing adventure.

And it is an adventure. Property Tax Lien investing is not something you can learn from any book or guide or class.

Save your money.

Honestly, save your money. There are some valuable guides we have seen online for sale. And we recommend purchasing a few of them.

When we say, “Save your money”, we don’t intent to imply you shouldn’t purchase some of them. What we are talking about is use them ONLY as a guide to what you need to know. They are only a starting point.

Property Tax Lien investing is complicated in the beginning. Not so much, after you’ve been through the process.

But if you feel the need to buy some of these books or guides online then do so. Read them. Study them. Watch the videos. Get a general understanding or overview of the entire process.

THEN, study your state law. Talk to your local government officials about the subject and their process. Become very familiar with the terminology and the ins and outs both on a statewide level and a local level.

Once you feel comfortable go purchase your first lien. Take if through the whole process from your initial investigation through you releasing the lien upon payment from somebody.

You will never, ever understand the process until you actually do it! Good Luck!